About Us

ECOMATE TABLEWARE PTY LTD is an Australian company with interest in promoting enviro friendly products .

We are importers and stockists of biodegradable disposable dinnerware products made from Areca Palm leaf, we are located in Rockingham,Perth region, Australia.

Our products, known as PALM LEAF PLATES or PALM PLATES are extensively being used as a tableware and are found to an excellent substitute for disposable plastic plates and interests many who are mindful of the environment and in the well being of “mother nature”.

Our objective in marketing and promoting PALM LEAF PLATES are as below:

  • Environmental friendly
  • Cares for nature
  • Prevent deforestation
  • Has a low carbon foot print
  • Minimizes climate change
  • 100% Natural and Organic

Our Palm Leaf Plates are found to be of great use in get-to-gether events, as they are readily disposable after use and quick to decompose, ensuing ‘after-party’ a stress free time.

  • Partyware
  • Outdoor picnics
  • Barbeque
  • Sausage sizzle
  • House Parties and Boat Parties
  • Indoor and Outdoor Catering
  • Tourists and Caravan campings
Areca Palm